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Specialty Drug Reimbursement Newsletter | February 2023

RJ Health, an MMIT company, delivers industry standard specialty drug pricing, coding and reimbursement solutions to support payer and provider alignment.   

Every month, our team evaluates a variety of pricing and coding updates. In the December edition of the Specialty Drug Reimbursement Newsletter, we identified 258 drug code price changes this month, with 18 of them being price decreases. We have also identified drugs to be added or updated within our database. Preview some of these insights below:  

This month, during our review of the 3532 Reimbursement HCPCS/CPT® Codes in our system, we identified 258 Drug Codes that required a recalculation of their AWP Code Price.  Log in to to view the pricing updates for these codes.  

90620 J0219 J1290 J2356 J7201 J9223
90621 J0221 J1302 J2357 J7203 J9227
90632 J0223 J1306 J2425 J7207 J9228
90636 J0224 J1322 J2502 J7208 J9229
90648 J0225 J1364 J2510 J7211 J9250
90677 J0257 J1380 J2562 J7296 J9260
90681 J0270 J1410 J2783 J7298 J9262
90690 J0280 J1438 J2793 J7301 J9272
90696 J0401 J1458 J2796 J7312 J9274
90698 J0461 J1555 J2798 J7340 J9298
90700 J0480 J1557 J2810 J7504 J9299
90707 J0490 J1566 J2820 J7507 J9301
90715 J0491 J1569 J2997 J7508 J9303
90734 J0517 J1575 J3032 J7511 J9306
90744 J0558 J1628 J3060 J7520 J9308
90750 J0561 J1640 J3095 J7525 J9309
A4206 J0567 J1645 J3101 J7613 J9317
A4208 J0584 J1726 J3111 J7639 J9325
A4209 J0593 J1741 J3240 J7677 J9331
A4215 J0595 J1750 J3262 J8705 J9349
A4239 J0596 J1823 J3300 J9021 J9352
A9505 J0606 J1826 J3304 J9022 J9353
A9557 J0638 J1830 J3357 J9023 J9354
A9590 J0695 J1833 J3358 J9025 J9358
A9595 J0696 J1885 J3380 J9032 J9359
A9606 J0699 J1931 J3385 J9039 J9370
B4102 J0702 J1943 J3397 J9042 Q0249
B4150 J0712 J1944 J3399 J9043 Q2009
B4155 J0714 J1950 J3471 J9047 Q3027
C9047 J0717 J1951 J3489 J9055 Q4074
C9248 J0725 J2150 J7050 J9057 Q4132
C9460 J0739 J2170 J7100 J9070 Q9960
C9482 J0741 J2182 J7131 J9120 Q9991
E0570 J0742 J2185 J7170 J9144 Q9992
E2102 J0791 J2212 J7181 J9145 S0013
E2103 J0800 J2248 J7182 J9153 S0020
J0121 J0896 J2274 J7185 J9173 S0078
J0129 J0897 J2300 J7189 J9176 S0093
J0171 J1000 J2310 J7192 J9179 S0156
J0173 J1097 J2315 J7193 J9203 S0182
J0179 J1170 J2323 J7195 J9204 S5570
J0180 J1212 J2350 J7198 J9205 S5571
J0202 J1250 J2353 J7200 J9216 S8490

ReimbursementCodes was designed for organizations like yours to manage pricing, coding and clinical challenges related to specialty drugs. To gain access to this tool and view the rest of the insights we captured this month, visit our site or contact 

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RJ Health Clinical Team

RJ Health Clinical Team

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