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Medical Billing and Coding

How Much Does Medication Compliance Affect Site-of-Care Optimization?

In an effort to lower the cost of specialty drugs, many payers have initiated site-of-care optimization strategies. By encouraging patients to receive therapies in more cost-effective settings — such as physician offices, infusion clinics, or at home — payers can reduce unnecessary expenses while ensuring members receive clinically appropriate care.

New HCPCS Codes for Generics: What Payers and Manufacturers Should Know to Ensure Accurate Reimbursement

As if medical billing and coding wasn’t challenging enough, 2023 brings a new layer of complexity: the establishment of unique HCPCS codes for generic drugs. Specifically, the new codes affect generics approved under the FDA’s 505(b)(2) new drug application (NDA) and biologics license application (BLA) pathways. In its Q3 2022

How Medical Billing and Coding Can Impact Patient Access

There are many moving parts when it comes to helping ensure that patients can get access to the therapies they need, but the role of medical billing and coding isn’t always top of mind. To be fair, medical billing seems to grow more complex by the day, and keeping abreast
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Payers Are Using NDC Mandates, but Are They Doing Enough?

The drug development pipeline is dominated by specialty therapies, more and more of which are being managed under the medical benefit. Therefore, payers will increasingly need to manage those drugs themselves, given that the PBMs they’d normally rely on don’t process these sorts of claims. As a result, payers are
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Navigating HCPCS Coding Changes to Prevent Medical Reimbursement Challenges

When it comes to medical reimbursement, there are several challenges that both payers and providers face in today’s rapidly changing regulatory environment. With new drugs and generics entering the market at breakneck speed and supply chain issues continuing to plague manufacturers, it can be difficult for stakeholders to keep up
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