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Solving Access Barriers in Biomarker Testing: 5 Tips for Manufacturers

Despite the rapid evolution of personalized medicine, access to genetic testing and next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a challenge—due in no small part to coverage confusion. Physicians struggle to navigate poorly defined testing coverage policies and a fragmentated payer and vendor ecosystem, resulting in delayed care for patients requiring precision therapies.

Tips for Successful Market Entry for Small and Mid-Size Pharma Companies

In our collective experience working with dozens of clients, we’ve found that smaller pharma companies and biotechs wrestle with many common challenges, regardless of their therapeutic area. From limited budgets to a late start on market access activities, we see the same roadblocks time and again. Here are four tips
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Why Pharma Should Prioritize the Patient Journey: A Survivor’s Story

Many years ago, I became one of the first people to be diagnosed with an ultra-rare vasculitis syndrome, a dangerous inflammation of the small blood vessels. My disease is so rare that I had a much better chance of winning the lottery, but instead, I ended up sick. The story
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Treating Hemophilia: The Impact of New Gene Therapies

The CDC estimates that more than 33,000 Americans are living with hemophilia, an inherited bleeding disorder which affects primarily men. Patients with hemophilia have a deficiency of the blood proteins, known as coagulation or clotting factors, that help blood to clot properly. The two most common subtypes are hemophilia A

Unlocking the Pathway Puzzle: How Biopharma Can Navigate the Clinical Pathways Landscape

In the realm of oncology, the advent of clinical pathways has gained substantial traction in the past two decades as the increasing cost and complexity of cancer care demanded structured, multidisciplinary, and cost-effective approaches. Pathways have become a critical strategy for both physicians and payers to streamline treatment decision-making, standardize
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Claims, Lab, and EHR Data Can Make or Break a Drug Launch

Amid a projected uptick in the prevalence of chronic diseases for an increasingly aging population, it’s more imperative than ever for patients to have access to the therapies they need to treat their health conditions. To improve patient access, stakeholders across the industry have turned to real-world data (RWD) to
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How Claims and Lab Data Helps Pharma Generate Real-World Evidence

In our last blog on this subject, we asked three clinical experts to explain how integrated real-world and market access data helps pharma companies go to market. In this blog, our experts weigh in on how integrated data helps pharma brands identify patients, correct payer/IDN misalignment, and make better predictions
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How Claims and Lab Data Helps Pharma Go to Market

When a manufacturer is at least a year out from a drug’s PDUFA date, the market access team begins to make informed decisions about what data is necessary for a successful launch. Many are using claims, lab, and other real-world data sets to access the right patient population at the
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What’s Ahead for Market Access in 2024?

Last year was a period of adjustment for the U.S. pharma industry, as the combination of increased financial pressures and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) meant adjustments to resource allocation. While concerns about macro trends like inflation and interest rates are still top of mind for manufacturers, we expect a

Timing Is Everything: 4 Trends to Bolster Your HCP Marketing Strategy

In the past few years, it’s become more challenging for pharmaceutical companies to promote their products directly to healthcare providers (HCPs), and COVID only exacerbated this trend. Physicians are more selective in who they choose to meet with, and many no longer accept face-to-face meetings with pharmaceutical reps. According to
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