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Reimbursement and Rebates

What Payers Want: Understanding Payer Preferences When Evaluating Therapies

Many manufacturers are interested in which factors can give them an edge on obtaining preferred coverage with payers. This is especially true given the increasing competition in saturated categories such as immunology, diabetes care and breast cancer. We scoured recent MMIT research to gain a better grasp on the factors

Payers and PBMs Are Excluding Cancer Drugs at a Growing Rate. How Can Manufacturers Prepare?

With rebates now a common pharma practice, and generics and biosimilars launching in oncology, payer management of once-untouchable cancer drugs is growing. As the FDA continues to approve a large number of cancer drugs, resulting in increased competition in various tumor types, and spending on these agents continues to rise,

Rebate Leakage: How Pharma Companies Can Prevent a Multimillion-Dollar Problem

Every consumer is familiar with the rebates one may get when purchasing a product or service. However, if the rebate was invalid or was not submitted properly, the money does not always get back to the consumer. A similar issue of ineligible rebates and incurred costs also consistently occurs in

From Buy-and-Bill to White Bagging: The Future of Reimbursement Under the Medical Benefit

Pharmaceutical manufacturers that are nearing the commercialization stage of pre-approval planning are faced with a lot of realities about managed markets. Manufacturers are so engrossed in the details of a clinical trial, and its eventual success, that beginning to plan for commercialization can be daunting. However, for physician-administered therapies or