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Uncovering the Patient Journey: Four Ways that Real-World Data Offers Value

For manufacturers, building a static commercialization strategy will only take you so far. But infusing that strategy with real-world data (RWD)—consisting of medical claims, lab testing and pharmacy data, and electronic health records—provides a more holistic view of the patient journey. RWD fills in crucial missing puzzle pieces, especially when

Navigating the U.S. Patchwork of Biosimilar Laws

The FDA approved the first biosimilar more than eight years ago, and the agency continues to give the green light to multiple agents per year. In fact, 2023 could well be a landmark year in launches, spurred by multiple biosimilars of AbbVie’s Humira (adalimumab) entering the U.S. market. While the

How Will the Launch of Humira Biosimilars Impact Patients, Payers and IDNs?

Across indications, biosimilar uptake is rapidly accelerating, with the number of biologics facing biosimilar competition more than doubling by 2026. This year’s impending launch of adalimumab biosimilars will serve as a case study for manufacturers, who will be studying the market’s response. Humira biosimilars have great potential to disrupt immunology

Integrating Lab Data Into Your Physician Engagement Strategy: 5 Key Benefits

For manufacturers, successful physician engagement hinges on the ability to prioritize physicians with a high volume of potentially eligible patients—and to interact with those physicians at the ideal moment in time, when they are most receptive to brand messaging. While many pharma companies rely on retrospective claims data to identify

Will Interchangeability Status Truly Move the Needle With Biosimilars?

When it comes to biosimilars, there seem to be far more questions than answers, specifically when it comes to interchangeability. Now that the FDA has granted three biosimilar products “interchangeable” status—with more to come, surely—how will this development affect the biosimilars market? What do pharma manufacturers, payers and physicians need
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What Pharma Companies Can Expect From the Influx of Humira Biosimilars

Next year’s staggered launch of adalimumab biosimilars will mark one of the largest losses of exclusivity for a pharmaceutical company in U.S. market history. For years, Humira has been the top-selling drug worldwide, raking in more than $20 billion in revenue last year. Manufacturers of reference biologics will be monitoring the impending
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Betting Big on Biosimilars: How Evolving Market Dynamics Will Impact Patient Access

While the U.S. has been frustratingly slow to embrace biosimilars, the next few years are poised to see a veritable boom in new market entrants. Only six biosimilars were available at the end of 2018. There are now around 40 biosimilars approved in the U.S. across multiple indications. Plus, enrollment in the
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