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Solutions for Healthcare IT

Let our unbeatable covered lives methodology and innovative technology inform your market access strategy.

Directory of Health Plans

Our Directory of Health Plans gives you a panoramic view of payer enrollment, affiliation information, and trigger identification, helping you build competitive intelligence strategies around key decision-makers in your organization’s territories.

Payer Landscape

MMIT Landscape is an easy-to-navigate application that enables account managers to segment payers by market share, line of business, geographic reach and key relationship.

Real-World Data

MMIT integrates medical and pharmacy claims, lab tests and results, electronic health records, and clinical pathways data and links them to payer coverage data to create a unified record of patients, providers, therapies, treatments and results.


As the leading platform for pharma market access teams, MMIT Analytics analyzes comprehensive formulary, policy and restriction information to evaluate patient access for your brands, competitors and analogs.