Simplify Pricing and Coding

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Everyone benefits when claims and payments are accurate the first time around.

Whether you’re a payer, pharma company, or provider, MMIT’s solutions help you navigate the complexity of medical drug claim submission. Our tools help you eliminate billing confusion and ensure accurate coding, reimbursement, and rebates with up-to-date information and simplified look-up tools for payers and providers.


Reduce Incorrect Payments and Submissions

Our ReimbursementCodes solution provides payers with normalized special drug pricing, coding and clinical data. Identify pricing and coding updates for medical benefit drugs, complete HCPCS-to-NDC crosswalks, and satisfy rebates with easy conversions.

RC Claim Assist

Support Accurate Provider Payments

Our ReimbursementCodes Claim Assist solution helps pharma companies reduce the chance of drug abandonment by ensuring providers are accurately paid. Help providers avoid common coding errors and use correct NDCs for crosswalks.