Seamless, Scalable Data Integration

With MMIT’s Application Programming Interface (API) technology, organizations can seamlessly ingest and integrate our industry-leading data into their own data warehouse. Whether you’re combining MMIT’s data with other third-party data sources or delivering up-to-date information to HCPs and patients, our cutting-edge technology and world-class data will help you execute on strategy.

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Feature #10
Always Up-to-Date Data

By using MMIT’s API, you can pull data for your needs instantly, knowing that it is always accurate and updated.

Adjustable Spend

Start with a baseline number of API calls, with the ability to increase as your needs grow.

Versatile Functionality

Leverage endlessly adaptable data and technology to serve a variety of use cases and business needs.

Streamlined Development

Easy and rapid access to data allows customers to focus on development and deployment of solutions.