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MMIT offers a range of content offerings for pharma, payers and providers. Our publications include a wide range of complimentary and subscription-based newsletters from our in-house journalism division, AIS Health, and our pricing and coding division, RJ Health. You can also check out our thought leadership blog for compelling points of view written by MMIT’s leading subject matter experts.



AIS Health Premium Subscriber Content

Purchase a subscription to AIS Health’s premium content and enjoy access to our most select insights in healthcare from in-house publications like Health Plan Weekly, Radar on Drug Benefits, Radar on Medicare Advantage, and Radar on Specialty Pharmacy.


Health Plan Weekly

A weekly publication that provides in-depth analysis of the trends affecting health insurers’ market share, benefit designs, profitability and regulation, and the strategies they use to respond.


  • In-depth analysis of market share, profitability, and regulation trends.
  • Strategies on how health insurers can respond to market conditions.
  • Strategic business, financial and regulatory analysis relevant to health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, health systems, benefits managers, and analysts.

RADAR on Drug Benefits

A biweekly publication that covers pharmacy benefit design and strategy for health plans, employers, PBMs and pharmaceutical companies.


  • Pharmacy reimbursement business strategies and analysis for health plans, employers, PBMs and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Exclusive data from AIS Health and MMIT, including indication-specific drug trends, coverage policies and copay/coinsurance levels.
  • Drug trends for a specific class, employer attitudes toward pharmacy benefit management tools and copay/coinsurance levels.

RADAR on Medicare Advantage

A biweekly publication that discusses strategies and analysis of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and managed Medicaid benefit design and reimbursement.


  • In-depth articles with multiple perspectives that address major catalysts in the Medicare Advantage, managed Medicaid, Medicare Part D and dual-eligible markets.
  • Industry surveillance, news and exclusive AIS Health data.
  • Customized content for health plans, trade groups, consumer advocates, pharmacy benefit managers, and revenue cycle product vendors.

RADAR on Specialty Pharmacy

A monthly publication that offers strategic business information about specialty drugs, related devices and tests, and therapeutic areas for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy directors, MCOs, PBMs, industry consultants and clinicians.


  • Strategic information for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy directors, MCOs, PBMs, industry consultants and clinicians.
  • In-depth articles with multiple perspectives, addressing major catalysts and ongoing topics of interest, such as specialty pharmacy network strategies, new FDA-approved specialty products, payer management strategies for drugs and diseases and M&A trends impacting specialty pharmacy stakeholders.
  • Data and analysis of specialty drug trend and spend, cost projections and pipeline data.

Complimentary Publications

Check out our free content featuring insights from AIS Health.


Thought Leadership

Our leading subject matter experts share their points of view on MMIT’s thought leadership blog every week.


Spotlight on
Market Access

Deep, insightful reporting on market access issues affecting pharma companies, payers and providers.


Specialty Drug Reimbursement Newsletter

RJ Health provides a comprehensive look at clinical news, new drugs and devices, drug reimbursement code price updates and CMS news as it applies to medically covered drug reimbursement.


AIS Health

AIS Health Daily covers the latest on people, companies and trends in our industry to bolster your knowledge and bring transparency to health information and data.

MMIT Meet the
Expert Sessions

Stay abreast of the latest industry trends with MMIT’s Meet the Expert webinars, which will be held virtually in 2021.

In each webinar, our subject matter experts tackle complex topics related to the ever-evolving world of market access. Visit our Meet the Expert page to register for an upcoming event or check out the recordings from previous webinars.

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