Deploy Field Reps Based on HCP and Payer Behavior

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Maximize your resources by prioritizing key opportunities.

Understanding how payers and providers behave in reality is critical to brand promotion. MMIT’s payer insights and promotional solutions incorporate lab, claims and oncology physician notes to help you chart how HCPs test, diagnose, and stratify your patient population, and understand how payers cover your therapy. We help you prioritize key accounts to drive higher utilization.

FormTrak in Veeva

Streamline Your HCP Outreach and Messaging

Our FormTrak solution, natively integrated into Veeva CRM, combines labs, claims and coverage data to help fine-tune your promotional strategy. Brand managers can use real-world data to deploy reps efficiently and tailor outreach to prescribing behavior.

Lab and Claims Data

Conduct Precision HCP Targeting and Education

Our Lab and Claims data helps you identify prescribing physicians and specialists and understand their referral patterns, testing habits, and treatment preferences. Use lab alerts to engage the right physicians with the best messaging at the point of care.

Patient Access Analytics

Gain 360° View of Payer and Provider Behavior

Our Patient Access Analytics solution combines coverage, claims, lab and pathways data to help you map and prioritize opportunities. Drill down into specific territories, accounts, payers and NPIs to understand market share assessment, potential patient reach, physician targeting, and more.