Evaluate Specialty Pharmacy Performance

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Gain actionable insights to capitalize on your differentiators.

Specialty pharmacies can significantly improve clinical outcomes—as well as the patient experience—across complex patient populations. MMIT’s specialty pharmacy solutions help you ensure that your pharmacy is delivering superior customer service. Validated research helps your team increase prescriptions, refine operations, and benefit from patient and provider feedback.

Satisfaction Surveys

Benchmark Against Your Competitors by Therapeutic Area

Our Satisfaction Surveys provide unbiased, third-party benchmarking data to help you improve your performance. Gain customer service insights, fulfill accreditation requirements, and read verbatim feedback from patient and office staff satisfaction surveys.

Patient Reimbursement Database

Improve Time-to-Treatment With Simplified Financial Assistance

Our Patient Reimbursement Database gives specialty pharmacies real-time information on all available financial assistance programs, eliminating research time. Find patient-specific copay coupons, foundations and PAPs to help patients access therapy.