Monitor Competitors’ Messaging and Strategy

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Enrich your market access strategy with competitive intelligence.

To compete in a crowded field, your team needs to know how the market is responding to your drug’s competitors. MMIT’s payer and provider insights solutions help improve your product positioning by giving you insights into how your competitors are handling market access, from pricing to contracting to provider engagement.

P&T Perspectives

Learn How Payers Evaluate Your Drug vs. Competitors

P&T Perspectives provides qualitative payer feedback on your brand and competitors via a simulated review with actual committee members. Improve your drug’s launch trajectory by identifying the most competitive contracting scenarios.

Message Monitor

Strengthen Your Brand’s Positioning

Our Message Monitor solution captures payer and IDN perspectives on your brand and its competitors. Gain actionable insights into competitors’ strategies and evaluate your message performance with qualitative data.


Assess the Impact of Biosimilars or New Entrants

Our Engage solution provides immediate responses from payer and IDN decision makers on your most urgent issues. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging insights gleaned from an interactive discussion board.

Rapid Response

Improve Your Strategy With Payer Market Research

Our Rapid Response solution provides actionable answers to your key business questions from a representative sample of payers and IDNs. Gain insights on disruptive events or see how the market responds to a competitor’s new strategy.

Custom Market Research

Get Answers for Critical Market Access Issues

Custom Market Research leverages our panel of active P&T participants and access deciders for health plans, PBMs, providers and IDNs. Our insights can help you defend your market share, launch a new strategy, or prepare for the loss of exclusivity.

Multi-Channel Message Testing

Gain Competitive Intelligence on Messaging Efficacy

Our Multi-Channel Message Testing solution helps you evaluate your messaging and benchmark results against key competitors. Determine the reach and ROI of your current program and see which channels your competitors are using.

Payer Messaging Playbook

Predict Payer Reactions and Prepare to Counter

Our Payer Messaging Playbook solution helps your team predict payer behavior and preferences prior to a meeting. Gain competitive intelligence into the 21 top pharmaceutical companies’ key cross-portfolio market access strategies.