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Prerna Mittal has been a client success manager at MMIT since May 2020. Joining us from IQVIA, Mittal works with a variety of pharma clients, serving as their main point of contact for all things MMIT.

Tell us more about your role.

I have a mix of clients currently. I work with everyone from our largest clients to small clients who spend less than $100,000 per year. My role is to make sure that everything goes well in the relationship and be the sounding board for everything related to market access, whether I’m talking to the market access analytics team and they want to know the best way to use our data, or I’m talking to marketers to really help them understand what the data says and connect them to our subject matter experts here.

How did you join the company?

A recruiter reached out to me. [In my previous role,] I used to jump from project to project, and while it was fun to get exposed to a variety of questions, I never really got to see the results of my work. We just delivered the results and walked away. I wanted to transition to a role where I could have long-term relationships with clients and see the impact of my work.

What does your day-to-day usually look like?

On a day-to-day basis I’m working on projects with clients to solve their market access problems, whether through our tools, data or other services. Internally, most of my time is spent on chasing down answers and finding solutions for client questions. I regularly check in with all my clients and things will inevitably come up. The rest of my time is spent on discussing account strategies with the internal account teams.

What are some of the larger projects you’re working on?

One of my bigger clients, we’re trying to sell them FormTrak in Veeva. I’m calling that a long-term project because they asked for it back in 2020, and now that we have it, we’re really excited and they’re really excited. So right now we’re just working on budgets and timing. It’s going to be really exciting because they want to pilot one of their first brands for six months and then slowly transition the rest, so it’s a huge opportunity.

What are some of the common challenges of your role?

We are the face of the company, so to clients, I’m not Prerna, I’m MMIT. Anything that relates to MMIT, I should know off the top of my head. One of the challenges I faced when I first started was the quick ramp-up, and learning our processes and methodologies. How we do things is so unique in this marketplace, it’s important for us to understand it all so we can be our own advocates to our clients. In pharma, we could have two clients look at the same payer document and think two different things. If only payers were so transparent!

What’s been your biggest win so far?

About seven months ago I got a client from one of my colleagues. On the surface, everything seemed fine, but about a month after I took over, we uncovered that they weren’t happy with us and were thinking of talking with competitors. The advisory consultant, the seller on the account and I worked very closely as a tight-knit team to gain whatever information we could in each of our roles. We were consistent in our engagement and kept asking questions about how we could help them to try and overcome that risk. Working together as a solid team, we made sure everything the client asked for got a clear-cut answer, we protected our scope and found people who saw the value in us and became our champions. There’s strategic value in a partnership with MMIT, we’re more than a data vendor, and it took time to find those people and cultivate those relationships. But now that client has not only renewed, they’ve expanded. It’s a great example of teamwork at MMIT.

What trends in the industry are most important for pharma clients to pay attention to right now?

Payers are getting craftier. I think some pharma clients are catching up to it, but there are still a lot of companies out there who don’t understand why market access is so complicated. You might go on the internet and find five policies, and two will be from the same payer, but they’ll say two different things. Which one is true? Which one truly applies to the patient? As the manufacturer, that’s really important for our clients to understand so they can help providers navigate this and get patients the right drug. There’s so much money and effort spent in R&D to help patients, and if patients can’t get access, then it was all for nothing. Payers are just trying to control costs, but it’s becoming harder for everyone else in the ecosystem.

What would you say sets MMIT apart?

We stay very true to our mission of smoothing access to therapies, and that resonates with our clients. That’s all we want to do. Even though we’ve expanded so much in the past year, we’ve kept our focus really consistent. We know what our mission is, and every acquisition or partnership we have is done with that in mind.

Where do you see the company in five years?

I couldn’t have predicted what we just did in 2021! It’s amazing how much we grew in just one year. I can tell you where I’ll hope we’ll be — I hope MMIT will retain its small org culture, even as we grow. Because we started as a small firm, there’s a great culture that should be preserved no matter how big we get. And where we find new revenue opportunities, we’ll find opportunities to become the one-stop shop to help our pharma clients find the right patients and navigate access. I hope in five years we can become the industry’s North Star for market access transparency.

What do you like most about working at MMIT?

My favorite part of my job is brainstorming with my clients and co-workers. I love talking to them about their day-to-day questions and what they’re struggling with. One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of each year is ask all of my clients about their priorities for the rest of the year. I recently talked with a client about the cervical cancer pipeline, and the new approvals that are coming up in that space. They asked for our perspective, and I said, “I don’t know yet, but I will get you the right people to talk to.” Then the next week, Evaluate [a partner of MMIT since August 2021] sent out an article on that exact topic. So now we’re developing a perspective that goes beyond MMIT. It doesn’t have to be just one team within MMIT who develops these perspectives. Now we have access to new resources that we can use to contextualize what it means for each client and each brand.

What do you like to do outside of work?

COVID has kind of limited the options! In a perfect world, I would love to travel. I love seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. But in this limited world, I’ve become more of a homebody, and I crochet in my spare time. I finished a sweater for my husband yesterday, and I am on to making some baby clothes! We’re expecting a baby in June.

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Prerna Mittal

Prerna Mittal
Client Success Manager