Market research

Meet MMIT’s Rapid Family

MMIT’s Rapid Family is a group of solutions designed to get you actionable insights in a timely manner. By leveraging our team of experts and industry-leading panel, you will gain access to the answers you’re looking for.

Use MMIT’s Rapid Family to answer questions such as:

  • How can I validate that my market access hypothesis for an asset is correct?
  • How can I incorporate payer views into my competitive strategy?
  • What will the impact of a new market entrant be on my promotional strategy?

Get Started with MMIT’s Rapid Family

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“Zitter Insights has been a great company to work with. The surveys are user friendly and their panelist outreach is superb. Working with Zitter’s team has given me better insight on various questions I can ask pharmaceutical manufacturers in negotiations and clinical presentations.”

Contracting Director

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“As a managed care decision-maker, I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback in a discreet manner to our pharmaceutical liaison counterparts. Receiving similar insights back from a curated peer group of fellow decision-makers is especially helpful. The Zitter platform is easy to use and quick to complete.”

Clinical Pharmacist

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Rapid Response

Get quantitative feedback on complex, customized questions from a broad selection of payer and IDN panelists, presented in an executive summary and research findings.


Access feedback using a limited set of questions and panelists within 24 hours in a Discussion Board format that allows for follow-up questions and lets you view interactions between panelists. 

Rapid In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

Obtain insightful, qualitative feedback on complex business questions to better understand Payer/IDN/HCP decision-making.