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Pathways Utilization Amidst Rising Costs of Oncology Treatments

For oncology drug manufacturers, it’s crucial to understand what third party pathways are, who creates and uses them, and how and why adherence rates to pathways vary. You’ll also learn how a product’s placement on pathways affects its utilization and uptake, and ultimately, patient’s access to life saving therapies.


  • Trends in utilization of pathways by oncologists and payers
  • Top oncology categories managed by pathways
  • Pathways enforcement mechanisms and adherence rates


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Our Expert


Yana Faykina
Sr. Consultant, Advisory Services

Yana has a BA from Albright College in Economics and Business Administration. She has been in the pharmaceutical space for close to 10 years. She has a wide range of experience across primary, secondary as well as syndicated market research. Before joining MMIT in January of 2020, Yana worked at IQVIA as a Client Service Manager, and delivered insights around promotional effectiveness to pharmaceutical clients. At MMIT, she mentors and coaches junior staff, leads enterprise client engagements as well as operations for the Advisory Services team.