Zitters Insights Panel

Meet the Panel

The panel consists of pharmacy decision-makers at health plans, PBMs, providers and integrated delivery systems.

MMIT’s Industry-Leading Panel

100% of panelists are either active P&T participants or control access for pharmaceuticals for their organizations. The panel powers MMIT’s Insights products, giving you unparalleled visibility into health plans, PBMs, providers and IDNs.

Learn How to Put the Panel to Work for You

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“Zitter Insights has been a great company to work with. The surveys are user friendly and their panelist outreach is superb. Working with Zitter’s team has given me better insight on various questions I can ask pharmaceutical manufacturers in negotiations and clinical presentations.”

Contracting Director

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“As a managed care decision-maker, I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback in a discreet manner to our pharmaceutical liaison counterparts. Receiving similar insights back from a curated peer group of fellow decision-makers is especially helpful. The Zitter platform is easy to use and quick to complete.”

Clinical Pharmacist

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Custom Market Research

Leverage actionable insight from key opinion leaders for strategic planning and forecasting activities.


Get qualitative feedback using a limited set of questions and panelists within 24 hours in a Discussion Board format that allows for follow-up questions and lets you view interactions between panelists. ​

Rapid Response

Get quantitative and qualitative feedback on complex, customized questions from a broad selection of payer and IDN panelists, presented in an executive summary and research findings.

Message Monitor

Capture key payer and IDN decision maker insights around brand and messaging perception, to help you adjust strategy, enhance messaging and improve market access. 

Oncology Index and Biologics and Injectables Index

Gather insights on emerging and latent trends in healthcare to explain the "why" behind market access events and drivers. 

P&T Perspectives

Get deep, qualitative feedback to inform your brand’s strategy and help you understand how your product and those of competitors would fare in an actual P&T Committee review.