Real-World Data

Transform Real-World Data Into Insights and Action

Real-world data (RWD) show how healthcare is provided in the real world, representing the journey of patients through the healthcare environment—their diagnoses, procedures, drugs, diagnostic testing and results, and the care provided by their HCPs. MMIT harnesses the power of real-world data to support end-to-end decision making and increase market access.

Boost Market Access with Lab and Claims Data

Use real-world data to predict where your potential patients will be located, identify prescribing physicians and specialists, and engage the right physicians with the best messaging at the point of care. Get life-saving therapies to the physicians and patients who need them most.

Understand the patient journey with our new lab and claims data offering and make better business decisions.

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How Medical Device Companies Use Lab Data
  1. Find out who is ordering tests or procedures, test volume, and where they’re located.
  2. Monitor volume of procedures in geographic areas.
  3. Gain competitive intelligence.
  4. Increase product utilization.
How Medical Device Companies Use Claims Data
  1. Call on physicians to promote existing devices.
  2. Get therapeutic area expansion for their product.
  3. Gain insight into the process HCPs took to prescribe.
  4. Locate patient populations that matter.