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Senior Account Executive Rich McNeely has been with MMIT for five years. An expert on AIS Health’s Directory of Heath Plans and MMIT Reach, among other tools, he helps clients and potential clients understand how MMIT’s solutions can give them more insight into a rapidly changing industry.

What does your day-to-day usually look like?

I have a very high transaction sales process — I usually do about close to 200 transactions per year. Every week I have a high volume of calls, some with new clients, some with current clients. The great thing about my job is that because the industry is very volatile in terms of acquisitions, there’s always a need. I’m heavily ingrained in the sales process. We’re lucky to have a great brand, and so clients often come to us first. I also work very closely with our awesome business development and marketing teams to identify new clients and see what other solutions can help current ones. I will perform what’s called a “needs analysis” where I listen to the client’s use case, and then with the knowledge that I have of the industry, I match our offerings to meet their needs. These clients come to us because many of them don’t know much about the industry, so they’re really leaning on us to show them how they’ll make their sales quotas, build territories and do business with payers.

What would you say sets MMIT apart?

The flagship tool is the Directory of Health Plans, which provides enrollment data for every insurer in the United States. We have a platform now, which is a series of reports, along with a newsfeed that helps answer different business questions in the payer market and allows our clients to strategize and understand the intricacies of this industry. This tool is used by payers themselves from a competitive intelligence standpoint, but most of our clients are companies who wish to solicit and do business with payers. And this particular tool will tell them the size and the scope of a particular payer, which PBMs they work with, and lines of business they operate in. Our clients use this data to build territories and put together account profiles, but also to really understand this rapidly changing market.

What kind of other sales clients do you work with?

Our clients can range from health care IT to diagnostic companies to the medical device space. I work with some of the larger banks, because they want to understand the information to give investment advice. Then you also have PBMs themselves. Our Payer Landscape tool is great because it allows payers and PBMs to really understand what their competition is doing, where they’re working and in what manner.

Why do you like working at MMIT?

The culture is second to none. This is a destination company from the top. And the individuals that I work with — they’re just good quality people. I couldn’t ask for better colleagues, all around. And it’s fun to work with all sides of the business. I have great relationships with people who have been selling for many, many years, and I have great relationships with people who this is their first career. I love watching people grow and giving them advice. Although I’m kind of on my little own island, selling, I have the luxury of having great people to work with.

What company principle would you say you align with the most?

I agree with them all. All those principles connect to each other. You can’t build a relationship with a client without having empathy. You can’t make a sale if you’re arrogant. Clients come to you because they’re nervous and they’re new to what they’re doing. So you have to be patient and kind with them. But at the same time, you have to be focused. We do have a mission and a vision of where we want to be. By achieving those principles, you achieve the mission all together.

Where do you see MMIT in five to ten years?

I see us growing exponentially as evidenced by the fact that we have made some pretty exciting acquisitions. The nice thing about being in this industry is that it’s so complex and ever-changing that there’s always going to be a need for our services and our solutions. I see us expanding further than market access, and taking it to another level.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m happily married 10 years this October. I have two little boys who keep us on our toes. Being from Connecticut, I am an avid UConn basketball fan. I’m a very big Yankees fan. I also like the Giants, which doesn’t bode well when your home office is right outside of Philly. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy traveling. I love golf, although I don’t ever play it because my boys keep me occupied.

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Rich McNeely

Rich McNeely
Sales & Marketing