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MMIT’s Analytics solution delivers the most comprehensive formulary, medical policy and restriction information to evaluate patient access for your brand and competitors.

Use Analytics to:

  • Predict payer and PBM responses to new drug launches
  • Analyze pharmacy and medical benefit landscapes
  • Anticipate shifts in market share by analyzing historical trends
  • Validate changes in payer policies and understand the impact to your brand’s market position

Introducing Launch Coverage Analytics

The only configurable, web-based market access software that tracks weekly patient access data performance across geographies, payer channels and specific accounts during critical launch milestones.

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MMIT Analytics Product Overview

MMIT Analytics Product Overview

View Changes
in Market Access

  • Compare month over month access relative to coverage, ST, and PA
  • Drill down to why change was made (Status, Plan Removal, Lives Shift)
  • Validate changes with payer source documentation

Predict Payer
& PBMs' Response

  • Understand Day 1 through Day 365 Coverage
  • Identify written policies as they are published
  • Analyze the Payer/PBM timeline and coverage approach to recent launch brands as an analog
  • Identify opportunities at an account, channel, and region level to take advantage of new to market gaps

Additional Resources

Reality Checks

Access an insightful analysis of payers’ market access policies for a single therapeutic area including coverage and access restrictions.

Case Study

Drug Launch Planning: Using Analytics to Overcome Market Access Challenges

Learn how a small pharma company leveraged MMIT’s Analytics platform to drive its messaging as it launched its first commercial product at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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