Payer Says, Payer Does

MMIT’s real-world coverage, claims, pathways, lab and specialty pharmacy data can help you compare a payer or provider’s established coverage policies and pathways, validate those against their real-world actions—and understand the impact on your brand.

Use MMIT’s Real-World Data to

  • Understand whether providers are restricting brand access via pathways, or if the payer is the real decision maker.
  • Target top payers based on provider/pathway positioning and vice versa
  • Understand top prescribers at the NPI level and their payer or pathway preference.
  • Diagnose access hurdles across payer and pathway population and employ field resources accordingly.

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In-Depth Payer Profiles

Access dozens of payer profiles and in-depth narratives, focused on top health plans, PBMs and all 50 U.S. states. Put our research to work for you.

PBM & Employer Views

Obtain real-time insight into how PBMs and employers influence and control enrollment, along with key payer relationships.

Integrated Contact Database

A robust interface to access over 70,000 health plan and PBM decision-makers. Access monthly job changes and direct contact info.