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Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Our customers rely on our industry-leading data and insights and cutting-edge technology to overcome barriers to access.


As the leading platform for pharma market access teams, MMIT Analytics analyzes comprehensive formulary, policy and restriction information to evaluate patient access for your brands, competitors and analogs.

Contract Validation

Contract Validation is the only workflow automation platform that enables manufacturers to validate formulary positioning at scale by crosschecking rebate offer formulary requirements against MMIT’s industry-leading and robust payer data.

Lab Data: Commercial Targeting

MMIT’s Lab Data for Commercial Targeting provides a proactive, economic, precise, and comprehensive solution to help manufacturers promote their therapies to specific providers using lab test results before a diagnosis or prescribing decision is made.

Bridging as a Service

MMIT’s Bridging as a Service combines cutting-edge technology with manual stewardship to bridge different source IDs to MMIT’s backbone for a single source of truth.


Get on-the-fly feedback from payers and IDNs on your brand strategy questions . Engage provides quick insights on key business questions with a 24-hour turnaround.

Patient Access Analytics

MMIT’s Patient Access Analytics solution combines coverage data and claims data to provide commercial pharma teams with a unique view of payer and prescriber behavior.

Payer Landscape

MMIT Landscape is an easy-to-navigate application that enables account managers to segment payers by market share, line of business, geographic reach and key relationship.

PULSE Analytics

PULSE provides a complete picture of brand and indication specific pathways, as well as recommendations to improve your access position.


FormTrak connects comprehensive formulary and medical policy information to promotional templates to give field teams insights and promotional assets related to your brand’s drug coverage.

P&T Perspectives

P&T Perspectives provides qualitative and tangible feedback through a simulated P&T session that informs your brand’s strategy and helps you determine how your product—or your competitor’s product—will fare in a real P&T Committee review.

Strategic Launch Report

MMIT launch reports help manufacturers vet potential analog products, outline payer and channel segmentation, and highlight potential restrictions to drug launch policies, speeding up commercialization.

Biologics and Injectables Index

Our Biologics and Injectables Index helps you access therapeutic area specific data about payer management priorities, IDN dynamics, copay programs, and more.

Oncology Index

Leverage the MMIT Oncology Index to synthesize insights into an analysis of payer trends, oncology management, and disruptive market events.

IDN Formulary Insights

IDN Formulary Insights gives you deep visibility into health system formularies, clinical pathways, decision-making and contracting to enhance your market performance.

Communication Program

Our advisory service delivers customizable messaging related to your brand’s pricing and coding straight to the payers that matter, reducing common denials.

Pricing Submission Program

Let our experts submit pricing and coding to the four major industry pricing sources on behalf of your brand, ensuring that you meet the deadlines for the National Pricing Compendia.


Surveillance delivers immediate and relevant payer policy updates to your inbox via configurable email alerts.

Launch Coverage Analytics

MMIT is now offering the only configurable, web-based market access software—integrated with our Analytics solution—that tracks weekly patient access data performance across geographies, payer channels and specific accounts during critical launch milestones.

Message Monitor

Use Message Monitor to capture key payer and IDN decision-makers’ insights around brand perception so you can better position your product against the competition.

Rapid Response

Improve your brand strategy with Rapid Response’s quick, actionable answers to key business questions among a representative sample of the payer and IDN stakeholders that you care about.

Consulting Services

MMIT and The Dedham Group have united to offer premier advisory services to oncology clients.