RWD Purpose-Built for Any Point on the Commercialization Journey

No matter where you are in the commercialization journey, MMIT delivers scalable real-world data solutions to help you move quickly from raw data to clear direction. We offer accelerated solutions, industry-leading data and technical expertise to help you ask and answer complex business questions.

How We Can Help:

  • Use real-world lab, claims and coverage data to drill into patient and HCP behavior, backed by the analysis and insights to make sense of next steps.
  • Access HCP targeting reports that find key patients and net new National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) to inform strategic decision.
  • Rely on MMIT to normalize, cleanse and integrate the data to help speed time to insights.
  • Access customized visualizations and expertise to align stakeholders and achieve strategic clarity.

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"As a small company, we appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness of the MMIT team. Their customer support team has done a great job working with our new hires to get them trained on their solutions."

Mark Devlin

VP, Head of Market Access | Phathom Pharmaceuticals

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