Take the Pulse of Healthcare
Decision Makers

Want to connect with the right healthcare decision makers and make sure your message resonates with them to get business results? MMIT’s Custom Communication Program + Message Monitor bundle can help.

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Connect with the Right Audiences

Our Custom Communication Program lets you create tailored emails sent from RJ Health, an MMIT company, directly to various healthcare organizations (payers, PBMs, specialty pharmacies, hospitals/IDNs, EMRs, and HCPs) informing them of upcoming updates to your brand. Reduce denials through clear messaging on product pricing, coding, or reimbursement updates, ensure timely and appropriate reimbursement for HCPCS and CPT coded products, direct access to personnel at payers to verify systems are loaded with the most up-to-date coding and pricing information.

Level up your
access strategy
to better your team.
Be a Fly On the Wall

Message Monitor provides a “fly-on-the-wall” view of each visit between a pharma company and payer or IDN decision maker, producing actionable insights into competitor strategies and your message performance and brand perception.

Feature #10

Custom Communication Program

Our advisory service delivers customizable messaging related to your brand’s pricing and coding straight to the payers that matter, reducing common denials.


Message Monitor

Use Message Monitor to capture key payer and IDN decision-makers’ insights around brand perception so you can better position your product against the competition.

Harness the power
of two solutions.

By bundling the Custom Communication Program and Message Monitor solutions together, you can reach the right healthcare decision makers and measure brand performance to build a better access strategy.