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Unlocking the Pathway Puzzle: How Biopharma Can Navigate the Clinical Pathways Landscape

By Sophia Tan

In the realm of oncology, the advent of clinical pathways has gained substantial traction in the past two decades as the increasing cost and complexity of cancer care demanded structured, multidisciplinary, and cost-effective approaches. Pathways have become a critical strategy for both physicians and payers to streamline treatment decision-making, standardize evidence-based care, improve patient outcomes by minimizing unnecessary variation, and reduce cost by guiding care to the most cost-effective treatments. These pathways, often referred to as care pathways or clinical guidelines, are structured, evidence-based recommendations primarily based on efficacy, tolerability, and cost.

According to The Dedham Group’s research, approximately 70% of U.S. oncologists are exposed to one or more clinical pathways, representing more than 100% growth over the past five years. Without doubt, the influence of oncology pathways is anticipated to continue to expand as more players enter the landscape, including community practice collaboratives such as OneOncology and Quality Cancer Care Alliance which are actively developing their own pathways to standardize care across their member practices.

Looking ahead, the future of clinical pathways is poised for further advancement, as integration with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and genomic profiling holds promise in refining these pathways, enabling more precise and personalized treatment strategies.

For more analysis, read the full article on Fierce Pharma, and find out how MMIT’s sister company, The Dedham Group, can help you navigate the ever-changing pathways landscape to improve your product positioning and access.


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Sophia Tan

Sophia Tan

Sophia Tan is a partner at MMIT’s sister company, The Dedham Group.

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