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Real-world data (RWD) show how healthcare is provided in the real world, representing the journey of patients through the healthcare environment—their diagnoses, procedures, drugs, diagnostic testing and results, and the care provided by their HCPs. MMIT harnesses the power of real-world data to support end-to-end decision making and enhance the patient experience.

Enhance the Patient Experience with Claims and Coverage Data

Leverage coverage and claims data to elevate your health system’s patient experience. Identify discrepancies between payer promises and actual practices and make informed decisions when contracting with payers. Understand patient out-of-pocket costs to enhance financial transparency and improve care delivery.

Utilize these insights from MMIT to drive your business strategy and growth. Empower your organization to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and provide exceptional care to your patients.

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Feature #10
By the Numbers
Claims Data

300 million patients

  1. Channel representation of commercial, Medicaid, Medicare and other government coverage
  2. Insights across pharmacy and medical benefits

2.1 million HCPs

  1. 7,000 hospitals
  2. 5,600 health systems
  3. 1,500 ACOs
  4. 6.5 million affiliations

98% of payers

  1. 8,000+ health plans
  2. 98% US covered lives
  3. 3,000 employers
  4. 300+ payers
  5. 300+ clinical indications assessed
  6. 2,100 formularies