Understand How a Patient Gets On or Off Therapy

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To track real-life care, you need real-world data.

Knowing how patients find, access, and experience care is as important as understanding disease progression. MMIT’s real-world data solutions help you identify where patients are, which HCPs are testing and treating them, and the triggers that drive the process, making it easier to clear access hurdles and get therapies in the hands of patients.

Lab and Claims

Follow a Patient Cohort From Diagnosis to Treatment

Our Lab and Claims data helps you track the critical events and triggers along the patient journey. Understand patient location, stratification, and referral patterns, and identify the impact of adverse events, outcomes, care settings and cost.

Patient Access Analytics

Understand and Mitigate Barriers to Patient Access

Our Patient Access Analytics solution combines coverage, claims, lab and pathways data to enable longitudinal data analysis of your patients. Explore the patient journey to understand the impact of denials, substitutions, prescribing patterns, and more.

PULSE Analytics

Maximize Access With Provider and Reimbursement Mapping

Our PULSE Analytics solution provides granular data on providers, prescribing patterns, pathways exposure, and brand positioning. Uncover patient journey barriers by identifying affiliations, third-party pathway adoption and institution protocols.