Market Research

HCP Message Monitor

HCP Message Monitor is a semi-annual unaided survey of HCPs who met with target pharma manufacturers in the previous month. The survey offers a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ view of each visit, revealing the content of the discussion along with HCP perception, and potential response, to the provided information.

Use MMIT’s HCP Message Monitor to answer questions such as:

  • How are approved HCP messages resonating?
  • Do messages impact HCP perception and prescribing of product within my therapeutic area?
  • Are HCPs correctly remembering the key points of crucial messages?
  • What competitive messaging regarding my product do I need to combat?

Get Started with HCP Message Monitor

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Track Competitive Activity and Counter Accordingly
  1. Understand HCP comprehension of competitive messaging.
  2. Prepare for competitive messaging attacks.
Understand Category Dynamics and Anticipate Prescribing Changes
  1. What are the key points HCPs care about?
  2. Anticipate drivers behind changes in HCP prescribing behavior.
Optimize Inline Messaging Strategy and Resource Allocation
  1. Tailor messaging to maximize HCP reception.
  2. Deploy resources based on HCP requests.