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Commercial Strategy

How Commercial Leaders Can Boost Sales Force Effectiveness

Two years of adapting to the constraints of a global pandemic has resulted in major changes to pharma companies’ commercial strategies. Now, as pandemic-related changes have started to become permanent fixtures, sales leaders are asking themselves key questions amid the shifting commercial landscape: How does my strategy need to evolve?
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Market Access Speed Is the Next Critical Differentiator for Pharma Manufacturers

Over the past decade, the life sciences industry has undergone transformative change that has disrupted everything from early drug discovery to post-launch treatment monitoring. Driven by the proliferation of real-world data (RWD) and technology like AI and machine learning, these innovations are changing our understanding of drug value and enabling
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How Pharma Companies Can Navigate the Medical Exception Process at Launch

There are many challenges that manufacturers face when launching a new drug: Will physicians prescribe the drug? Will they have any legal issues? Will patients request the drug? How should they market and distribute it? The list goes on and on, but one of the most critical questions to answer
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Why Pharma Companies Need a Strategy to Track Market Access in Real-Time

With payer coverage decisions around pharmaceuticals changing rapidly, simply being covered is no longer enough for getting patients on therapy quickly. Today, increasing market complexity and outsize payer influence have resulted in numerous hurdles to ensuring adequate access, from prior authorizations to step therapy to label restrictions. To succeed at
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The Power of Partnerships: Why Pharma Needs to Redefine its Role With IDNs

John Griggs co-authored this article with Dinesh Kabaleeswaran. This article was originally published on Drug Channels. Large healthcare conglomerates, or integrated delivery networks (IDNs), have long been fixtures in the market access landscape—a dynamic that has gone unchanged despite the disruption caused by COVID-19. While M&A activity slowed down during 2020,
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