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Uncovering the Patient Journey: Four Ways that Real-World Data Offers Value

By Carolyn Zele

For manufacturers, building a static commercialization strategy will only take you so far. But infusing that strategy with real-world data (RWD)—consisting of medical claims, lab testing and pharmacy data, and electronic health records—provides a more holistic view of the patient journey.

RWD fills in crucial missing puzzle pieces, especially when it’s integrated alongside payer coverage data. It can show if a patient is unable to access a drug and why—insights that can help manufacturers improve their commercial strategies and increase access, ultimately boosting that manufacturer’s overall market share. Without it, patients experience delays or difficulties in getting the drugs they need, and manufacturers leave money on the table.

Real-world data can also help make the drug development process more efficient, bring drugs to market faster, and drive cost efficiencies overall. It can be used to help manufacturers bring drugs to market that fulfill an unmet need or improve the current standard of care. Furthermore, without real-world data, manufacturers can’t fully understand disease progression or patients’ responses to drugs, or why they may be abandoning treatment.

For more analysis, read the full article on STAT. To see how real-world data can inform your market access strategy, especially when integrated with payer coverage data, learn more about MMIT’s real-world data solutions


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Carolyn Zele

Carolyn Zele

As a solution consultant for MMIT, Carolyn Zele helps pharmaceutical manufacturers simplify market access and prepare for launch success. Prior to MMIT, Carolyn spent numerous years in the payer/PBM space managing formulary teams and technology across both regulated and non-regulated lines of business.

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