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Market Access Speed Is the Next Critical Differentiator for Pharma Manufacturers

By Dinesh Kabaleeswaran

Over the past decade, the life sciences industry has undergone transformative change that has disrupted everything from early drug discovery to post-launch treatment monitoring. Driven by the proliferation of real-world data (RWD) and technology like AI and machine learning, these innovations are changing our understanding of drug value and enabling life-saving medications to get into the hands of patients faster.

However, changing market dynamics and growing scrutiny around rising healthcare costs have resulted in increased pressure from payers. Today, these critical stakeholders expect life sciences organizations to not only achieve clinical excellence, but to clearly communicate a thorough understanding of the patient population and potential barriers of the market they’re entering. In this new world, pharma can no longer afford to treat commercialization strategy and payer gatekeeping as an afterthought, but they also can’t let the need for these types of additional insights slow them down. Even as demand for hyper-targeted, individualized launch plans increases, timelines have condensed, so speed is of the essence.

To achieve success, life sciences organizations must begin market access activities sooner than ever before and consider how their new treatment will fit into the existing competitive landscape.

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Dinesh Kabaleeswaran

Dinesh Kabaleeswaran

Dinesh Kabaleeswaran leads MMIT's Insights & Advisory teams, which provide market access context and a market research narrative for MMIT's data and technology products. Dinesh has more than seven years of managed care experience, advising large biopharmaceutical clients on pre- and post-launch strategies across oncology, non-oncology and immunology therapeutic areas. Dinesh holds a master’s in bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

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