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How Does MMIT Fit Into the Healthcare Ecosystem?

By Mike Gallup

People often ask me how MMIT fits into the healthcare ecosystem. MMIT’s mission is to smooth and simplify access to therapies, affecting every part of the continuum from the pharmaceutical company to the payer, provider and patient.

Everyone knows someone who has had trouble accessing a life-saving or life-changing therapy because of communication problems between the pharma company, PBM, payer and provider. Sometimes providers prescribe a medication that isn’t covered by the payer, and other times may not prescribe a medication that is covered because of a lack of understanding of the payer’s coverage rules. Payers, providers and pharma companies may have miscommunications about coverage rules, prior authorization or step therapy requirements, and the result can be harmful delays in getting therapies to patients—it’s very manual and often inefficient.

MMIT believes we can make the process more efficient through technology and data, by helping pharma companies answer key business questions using our readily available data and insights without the need for expensive, time-consuming reconfiguration—along with the option for customized analyses for a deeper dive. We answer the “what” of how payers cover therapies and the “why” behind the decisions to cover therapies.

In the process we help every stakeholder, from patients and providers who can more easily access the therapies they need, to payers that can simplify coverage for life-saving and life-enhancing medications, to pharma companies that can get their therapies in the hands of more patients. Market access has grown more complex as more drugs are administered in hospitals and physician offices and thus managed under the medical benefit rather than through the pharmacy. MMIT’s role is to make these coverage rules more transparent by analyzing market access trends and data while providing brand and market access solutions to navigate the rapidly changing healthcare market.

Take a patient with schizophrenia who hopes to access a promising new drug to treat that chronic, lifelong condition. MMIT’s data and insights help smooth the patient’s access to that drug, from assisting the manufacturer to identify hurdles that could bar access to the drug to giving the physician confidence that this new drug will be covered once prescribed—essentially pipeline to prescription.

The next step in MMIT’s journey brings us closer to the patient. We united with The Dedham Group in May, a market access oncology and specialty therapeutics strategy partner. Dedham’s PULSE Analytics platform supports payer, provider and clinical pathways, providing transparency into key trends and dynamics and demystifying value-based care, to advise manufacturers on targeted access and commercialization strategies that elevate the patient journey. And in August, we merged with Evaluate, a London-based provider of commercial intelligence and predictive analytics to the pharmaceutical industry. The newly merged organization will offer customers a unique and comprehensive data solution offering both analytical and predictive data insights across the entire drug life cycle.

As MMIT continues to grow, we’ll keep providing the data and insights that companies need to help patients obtain access to the treatments they need.

Article from Mike Gallup, CEO, MMIT. Learn more about Mike and his healthcare experience.

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Mike Gallup

Mike Gallup CEO

I joined MMIT as the CEO in 2020 after being drawn to the company's mission of smoothing and simplifying access to therapies.

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